Feed (To see the authenticated user’s feed.) User recent (To get the most recent media published by a user.) User liked (To see the authenticated user’s list of media they’ve liked.) User follows (To get the list of users this user follows.) User followed-by (To get the list of users this user is followed by.) Relationship (To modify the relationship between the current user and the target user.) Media (To get information about a media object.) Popular (To get a list of what media is most popular at the moment.) Comments (To create a comment on a media.) Likes (To set or remove a like on this media by the currently authenticated user.) Tags (To get a list of recently tagged media.) Search (To search for tags and users by name) Profile page (Profile page for each user with basic information and recent photos) Downloading (To download media) Promoted Users (Area to promote users) Hot tags and Users (Currently most popular users and medias) Quick preview (Fast media browsing via Fancy Box)